Your Weekly Opportunity To . . .

  • Clarify your business vision, strategy and priorities.
  • Expand your leadership effectiveness and impact.
  • Navigate tricky transitions.
  • Improve key systems and processes.
  • Up-level your clients and network.
  • Increase revenue and profits.
  • Grow your best ideas.

    Weekly Discussions, Problem-Solving, and Peer Support
    Fridays 8:30 am - 9:30 am on Zoom
    January 26 - March 29, 2024
  • Simple yet Powerful Tools

    • Goal-Setting System

      Big Vision. Small Steps.
      Okay. So what's my vision?
      What are my steps?
      GoalKeepers' goal-setting tools help you map your growth vision, and keep the goals you set.

    • Scorecard Tracking

      Every quarter, track your progress in key areas:
      Business Vision and Identity
      Strategy, Priorities, and Goals
      Marketing Communications
      Sales Systems and Process
      Team and Network
      Tech and Data
      Revenue and Profits

    • High-Value Feedback

      Information is everywhere.
      Wisdom, not so much. Meaningful feedback helps us clarify our situation...
      disarm our inner gremlins...
      and breeze past stuck points
      with energy and confidence.

    Conversations that Change Things.

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      • Your Dashboard and Community

      • GoalKeepers Member Guidelines

      • How to Access Your Resources

    2. 2
      • Session Notes October 13, 2023


    3. 3
      • Session Notes October 20, 2023

    4. 4
      • Session Notes October 27, 2023

    5. 5
      • Session Notes November 3, 2023

    6. 6
      • Session Notes November 10, 2023

    7. 7
      • Session Notes November 17, 2023

    8. 8
      • Session Notes November 24, 2023

    9. 9
      • Session Notes

    10. 10
      • Digital Marketing Scorecard

    11. 11
      • Time Analysis

      • Value-Based Selling

      • Clifton Strengthsfinder

      • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

      • DISC: Resonate with Your Audience

      • Buyer Personas

      • 2023 GoalKeepers Handbook - PDF for Reference

      • 2023 GoalKeepers Handbook - Use as Workbook

    Together Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

    MEd BCC | Business Growth Consultant

    Lois Raats

    Over the past thirty-five years Lois Raats has helped over 5000 individuals and organizations to achieve results by leveraging their strengths and abilities, using a solution-focused and collaborative approach. She is expert at helping managers, executives, and professionals transition to their next level.

    Through skillful questioning and conversation, Lois quietly opens a space where the right change can emerge. She is especially talented at simplifying complex information into frameworks and steps that anyone can implement. As an employee assistance counselor, Lois coached individuals from virtually every size of s from virtually every size of company, every level of management, and many market sectors including insurance, financial services, tech, government, non-profit, manufacturing, and retail.

    Lois has taught and served as a Program Advisor within the Ontario Community College system. She has served as a board member and change facilitator with several non-profit Boards of Directors. She has developed and taught a variety of business and leadership development programs with professional services associations such as Launchpad 50K and 1K, Project Management Institute, APICS, Communitech, and the Greater K-W Chamber of Commerce.

    Lately Lois enjoys mentoring community leaders in two rural communities in northern Kenya and is always on the lookout for helpful ideas and connections.

    In 2006, Lois founded Ready2Grow Associates (https://www.ready2grow.com) to better meet the development needs of small business clients. To this end she originated theoretical models and thinking tools including Roots & Fruits™ Leadership, 10x10™ Business Scorecards, and the GoalKeepers™ Business Accelerator Program (https://www.ready2grow.com/goalkeepers).