• Why do star players need a coach?

    Coaching is the most efficient way to learn anything new. You get to absorb ideas and knowledge from experts with a broad range of skills and experiences. At the same time you actively reflect on your own experience, notice what's working and what's not, and decide what you want to do differently next time.

  • Why does coaching work when other methods fail?

    Coaching is targeted toward the exact issues that matter most to your success. Targeted learning is highly efficient and saves you a ton of time, energy, and money.

  • How is a mastermind related to coaching?

    The most valuable mastermind is a group of peers who love learning and care about each other's progress. Each week we experiment with new ideas, reflect on our experiences, and share resources and information. Let's just say a lot of really cool things happen out of our conversations!

  • What do you cover?

    • Clarifying business identity, values, purpose, and vision
    • Balancing leader time, energy, money, and priorities
    • Hiring and team-building
    • Marketing, digital marketing, and sales
    • Weekly goals and action steps that build your solid foundation for success.

  • I'm really stuck. How can I be sure a mastermind is going to help me?

    We believe that big visions are accomplished in small steps. Anything you focus on will improve. No matter how big or overwhelming your goal may seem at the moment...when you believe it, you can achieve it!

  • Results?

    • Consulting and coaching are invisible, yet produce very tangible results.
    • Most business owners who work with Ready2Grow increase their revenues by 20% - 200% within their first year of working with us.

  • Why would I pay someone to tell me things I already know?

    • Knowing is not the same as doing.
    • Coaching is not about telling, selling, or offering advice • Coaching is about asking questions that cause the right change to emerge. Coaching is about transformation .
    • Consulting and coaching are an investment vs expense ...an investment that pays dividends in your growth as a leader and owner of a highly successful business.